Year End Campaign: Osteoporosis Equipment

As we age, we often lose bone more quickly than we can replace it. Bone loss can lead to a disorder called osteoporosis, defined as reduced bone mass and poor bone quality. The disorder makes bones weak and prone to fracture. Each year in the United States, osteoporosis leads to approximately 2 million fractures.

Fractures of the spine and hip can lead to chronic pain, deformity, depression, disability, and even death. Half of the people who break a hip never regain the ability to walk without assistance, and a quarter need long term care.

Osteoporosis does not cause any symptoms. Most likely, you will not even know you have the condition until you break a bone unexpectedly.

Bone density tests measure how strong your bones are. Health care providers use these tests to both screen for and diagnose osteoporosis. The tests are important, because they can alert you to problems with your bones before you have a fracture.

Last year, we began raising funds for on-site bone density screening equipment at Sanford Canton-Inwood Medical Center. Thanks to generous donations and matching funds, we are over halfway to reaching our goal and being able to purchase the equipment for our local hospital.

With your help, we are confident we can bring this important testing tool to our community very soon. All donations, large and small, will bring us one step closer. Can we count on you?