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2019 Heart of the Community Grant Application

Seeking to make a positive impact on community health and wellness for the benefit of current residents and future generations, the Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation offers Heart of the Community Health & Wellness Grants to deserving recipients on an annual basis.

Grants are awarded based on the agencies’ ability to promote and advance community health and wellness initiatives.

The Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation administers a grant program called “Heart of the Community” for health & wellness projects. Grant funding applications will be considered for organizations interested in health and wellness projects aimed to improve the overall health of the Canton-Inwood service area.

A health and wellness project is defined for the purpose of this grant as one or more events or activities that target safety, health, recreation, prevention and/or nutrition.

Funds may be used for supplies, materials, equipment and/or personnel.

Applications will be reviewed one time per year.

Who can apply

Those eligible are nonprofits, schools, government, quasi-government agencies, and churches, to name a few.

Application Process

To apply, complete the application and submit it and related documents to Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation, attn: Scholarships & Grants Committee. Please type all responses and provide sufficient information to enable the Committee to have a clear understanding of the project.

Some suggestions:

To prepare an itemized budget, “shop ahead” to identify potential costs and indicate cost and quantity of each item. Here is a sample budget:



  • Limit of one application per project, but organization can apply for more than one project.
  • Applicants will be notified of a decision within 60 days of application deadline.
  • If approved, applicants should receive funds within 30 days.
  • It is required that grant funds awarded be expended to complete the project by April 30, 2020.
  • Applicants who are awarded a grant are required to submit a post-project summary form within 30 days of completion of their project.

We look forward to reviewing your request.

Applications must be postmarked by April 1, 2019.

To print a 2019 grant application, click here

To submit an application form via email, complete and submit the form below.

Heart of the Community Health & Wellness Grant Application

2019 Heart of the Community Health & Wellness Grant Applications must be received by April 1, 2019 to be considered.

  • Please explain how your request for a grant from Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation will impact the health/wellness of individuals who live in your community.
  • Please indicate if this request is for a new service program or an enhancement to an existing program and how it will provide for unmet needs.
  • Please provide a detailed budget and timeline for the project.
  • If this request is for partial funding of a project, please describe how you will obtain the remaining funding to fulfill the project.
  • If you were to receive only partial funding of what you’ve requested would you be able to complete the project?
  • Explain why
  • If the project for which you are requesting funding will continue indefinitely, please explain how you intend to fund the project after the initial grant year.
  • Please upload either a .pdf or .docx file. File size cannot exceed 5MB.

  • Please upload either a .pdf or .docx file. File size cannot exceed 5MB.

  • * Recipients will receive a post-project summary form to be submitted to Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation within 30 days of completion of their project or no later than May 31, 2020.
  • ** It is required that grant funds awarded be expended to complete the project by April 30, 2020.
  • *** Unused or underutilized grants are expected to be returned to allow other worthy causes the opportunity to receive funding.
  • In submitting this application, I certify that the information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Any falsification of the required information and any missing information will disqualify from receiving grant funds.