Grants & Scholarships

2023 Scholarship Recipients

The 2023 Health Care of Tomorrow Scholarships have been awarded to Juliann Seeley, Madison DeJong, Emily TerWee, Madeline Johnson, Olivia Sorlie, and Bayleigh Peterson.

Juliann Seeley is a 2023 graduate of Beresford High School and will be studying Biochemistry at Augustana University.

Madison DeJong, Emily TerWee and Madeline Johnson are 2023 graduates of West Lyon Community School. DeJong will be studying nursing at either South Dakota State University or Northwestern College. TerWee plans to attend Northwestern College to major in nursing. Johnson will study Biology at Creighton University.

Olivia Sorlie, a 2023 graduate of Canton High School, will be attending Briar Cliff University to study Kinesiology.

Bayleigh Peterson graduated from Alcester-Hudson High School in 2021. She is currently attending University of South Dakota, majoring in Kinesiology and Sport Management with a specialization in exercise science for Occupational Therapy.

2023 Grant Recipients

Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation is pleased to announce $25,543.80 has been awarded through the Heart of the Community grant program for 2023.

Recipients include Love Inc. of Greater Canton, Fellowship Village, Inwood Fire & Rescue, Inwood Summer Rec, and Kingdom Kids Daycare.

Love Inc. of Greater Canton will use $3,000 to provide food bags to students in need through the Friday Backpack Program.

A $14,000 grant will allow Fellowship Village to purchase a Tovertafel, which is a “magic table” that is designed to engage, stimulate and improve quality of life of people with dementia.

Inwood Fire & Rescue is receiving $3,208.80 to fund a new Trauma Bag and to update current equipment that is outdated.

Inwood Summer Rec will use $2,500 towards new baseball and softball supplies that will allow more kids to practice and engage in those activities. They will also utilize some of the funds to purchase supplies and activities for a new summer day program called Kids Club.

A $2,835 grant to Kingdom Kids Daycare will be used to update their outdoor equipment and toys and replace worn out items, allowing the children better, safer play activities.


2022 Scholarship Recipients

The 2022 Health Care of Tomorrow Scholarships have been awarded to Elijah Isais, Kiana Lothrop, Zavyr Metzger, Ella Brands, Grace Bauder, and Heidi Renken

Elijah Isais & Kiana Lothrop are 2022 graduates of Canton High School. Isais plans to attend Grand Canyon University where he will study biology. Lothrop will also attend Grand Canyon University to study nursing.

Zavyr Metzger is a 2022 graduate of West Lyon High School. Metzger will attend Northwestern College to study nursing.

Ella Brands is a 2022 graduate of Western Christian High School. Brands will be a nursing student at Dordt University.

Grace Bauder was a 2021 Graduate of West Lyon High School and is studying nursing at the University of Iowa.

Heidi Renken, a 2019 graduate of Alcester-Hudson High School, attends the University of South Dakota where she studies dental hygiene.

Since 2012, the Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation has provided $53,000 in scholarships to area students.

2022 Grant Recipients

Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation is pleased to announce $37,232.45 has been awarded through the Heart of the Community grant program for 2022.

Recipients include Kingdom Kids Community Daycare, Canton School/Eagle Scout Aaron Sorum, City of Inwood, Fellowship Village, and the Canton Municipal Swimming Pool Committee.

A $7,000 grant to Kingdom Kids Community Daycare will be used for a green space upgrade at the daycare. Astro turf will be installed in the remaining area of green space at the facility, which will allow the children and staff to utilize the outdoor space more often. The space is used for playing organized games and water activities.

Eagle Scout Aaron Sorum will use a $3,600 grant to build a Hammock Lounge at Lawrence Elementary School. The project will allow teachers to move their classroom space outdoors and provide students with a relaxing environment with fresh air and sunshine. There will also be updates made to the playground with picnic tables and repainting the lines for basketball and four-square.

The City of Inwood will use a $10,000 grant to purchase new lily pads and deck pads for the community pool, to replace the current lily pads, which were becoming a safety concern. The lily pads provide a fun activity for children to engage in healthy exercise while promoting walking, balance, and swimming.

A $1,632.45 grant will fund the purchase of new sound system equipment and a cooler on wheels at Fellowship Village. The addition of the wireless microphone system will allow residents to hear better while participating in outdoor activities, and the cooler will enable them to enjoy more outdoor meals because they can easily bring food items outside.

The Canton Municipal Swimming Pool Committee will use $15,000 towards the completion of the new swimming pool facility. The new pool will allow all citizens in the Canton area to enjoy the benefits associated with water activities, which are excellent in promoting physical health and wellness.