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Over $31,000 in Grants Awarded in 2018

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Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation is pleased to announce that $31,111 has been awarded through the Heart of the Community grant program for 2018.

Recipients include: Canton Good Samaritan Center, Canton Senior Center, Canton-Inwood Area Youth Organization, Love INC, Sanford Canton-Inwood, City of Inwood, Fellowship Village and Kingdom Kids.

Canton Good Samaritan Center received $5,000 to purchase a Geri Nursing Manikin. The availability of this manikin will enhance the current training program by offering hands-on training and experience for nursing staff. The manikin will be a valuable tool to refresh standard care skills, as well as to better prepare staff for newer care needs that may arise.

A $2,000 grant to the Canton Senior Citizen Center will be used to offer a fitness program to all adults ages 55 plus. The class is taught by a trained instructor and will assist senior citizens with balance, muscle strength and muscle retention.

The Canton-Inwood Area Youth Organization received $976 to purchase equipment for a middle school functional fitness program. The goal of the program, under the direction of Emily Plucker, is to build strength and confidence in middle school students by teaching them how to use fitness equipment.

A grant of $4,000 will be utilized by Love, INC to provide food to children during Christmas break. During the holidays, it is especially hard for families to meet nutritional needs because of added expenses and the absence of school lunch. Children in Canton and Inwood will be eligible to receive a bag of food.

A $1,000 grant will be used to establish a fund for the transportation needs of low-income patients at Sanford Canton-Inwood Medical Center. Reliable transportation can support access to rural health care, decrease inappropriate use of EMS services and decrease no show rates.

The City of Inwood will apply a $10,000 grant to the expenses associated with installing a 10 -foot wide walking and bike trail in the community. The trail will help promote a healthier lifestyle and improve safety for walkers, joggers and bikers.

Fellowship Village will purchase a Whisper Glide Swing with their $6,500 grant. The swing allows individuals of all abilities the opportunity for a therapeutic experience. The swing is wheelchair accessible.

Kingdom Kids daycare will purchase supplies used to develop fine motor skills with a $1,635 grant. Fine motor skills are those that involve a refined use of the small muscles which control the hand, fingers and thumb. With the development of these skills, a child is able to complete important tasks such as writing, feeding oneself, buttoning and zipping.

Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation was established in 2009 with funds created by the sale of Canton-Inwood Memorial Hospital, assisted living and related assets to Sanford Health. Using interest earnings only, the grant program allows the foundation to meet one of its identified goals of supporting projects that impact community health and inspire additional community investments in projects that benefit health and wellness opportunities.

Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation has invested over $158,000 in our local communities through the Heart of the Community grant program.

Other goals of the foundation include sustaining and improving health care in the Sanford Canton-Inwood service area; supporting Sanford Canton-Inwood, and providing financial assistance for the education of future health care professionals through scholarships.

For more information about Canton-Inwood Area Health Foundation and how you can support its mission, visit www.cantoninwoodfoundation or call (605) 764-1495.